Monday, March 29, 2010

My Work Manifesto

I've found that people can play in the same field, doing the same activities, even using the same words, but have vastly different motivations underneath. What motivates us isn't always openly discussed, but it's clearly evident when when I'm in a discussion with a new friend, some colleague my area of work, and I feel a connection on a deeper level. This becomes more of an issue when a business sector is having success and some come into that area simply for that reason. That is, most people I've met in art or landscaping do so because they are passionate about it, not because it will pay for a home in Newport Beach and a new Lexus (while they might appreciate and get those material things, that is not their primary motivation).

Admittedly, I've struggled with how I feel about this with each new agile company I see or coach I meet. I ask myself, "Were they passionate about agile before this recent boom?", but I've also had to ask myself if that matters. Would it be okay, with me, if they weren't passionate about agile and were only in it for the money? What if they were good at coaching, training or in other ways helping companies and people? What if they become passionate about it? Those questions, and more, are ones I can't answer and, I've found, that I cannot decide the worthiness of others being in this field. I can only look at myself in the mirror and refine what's there.

To this end, I put together a list to help me determine my guiding values and, as the Agile Manifesto does, did so in a comparative manner. May it be of some help to you.

Purpose-Motivated over Money-Driven
Extending the Vision over Keeping to the Familiar
Stretching Myself over Staying Comfortable
Helping the Whole over Benefiting a Few
Abundance Mentality over Scarcity Mindset
Others' Needs over Self-Interest
Giving Back over Accumulating
Making a Difference over Busyness
Significance over Success

That is, while it may be fine for others to value the items on the right, I value the items on the left more.

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