Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sample Agenda for a Sprint Planning Meeting

Here's a thorough, high-level agenda for a Sprint Planning meeting. Of course, don't use what you don't need...

1. Product Vision and Roadmap [Product Owner]
2. Development status, state of our architecture, results of previous iterations [Team members]
3. Iteration name and theme [ScrumMaster]
4. Velocity in previous iteration(s) [ScrumMaster]
5. Iteration timebox (dates, working days) [ScrumMaster]
6. Team capacity (availability) [Team members]
7. Issues and concerns? [ScrumMaster]
8. Review and update definition of Done [Team members]
9. Stories/items from the backlog to consider [Product Owner]
10. Tasking out [Agile Team]
11. Issues, Dependencies and Assumptions [ScrumMaster]
12 Commit! [Agile Team]Technorati Tags: , , , , ,

1 comment:

Scott Burkey said...

Used this list as a guideline for an upcoming Sprint Planning Meeting. Thanks!