Monday, August 13, 2007

Meeting Rules for Daily Stand-Up / Daily Scrum

For the team:

  1. Arrive on time or early.
  2. Be ready to say what you did yesterday and what you plan to do today.
  3. Keep your report specific, precise and short in order to help the meeting end within 15 minutes.
  4. Listen to other team member's status in case it might relate to your tasks or impact you.
  5. Don't interrupt people when they are talking.
  6. Don't agree to decisions or action you don't understand. Ask questions and insist on answers when you need clarification.
  7. Note the tasks or action items you volunteer for.
  8. If you raise an issue or question that can't be resolved in a minute, ask to discuss with the parties involved after the meeting.
  9. For those calling in, be sure to start your report with "This is [your name]."


    For ScrumMasters:

  10. Be sure to have (or have access to) your relevant information (the sprint or product backlogs, the software being developed, or the project, requirements or design documents and code)
  11. Be sure to have (or have access to) the phone numbers of any team members who you are conferencing in.
  12. Be sure to have scheduled the recurring meeting and invited all appropriate people
  13. Be sure that the invitation includes the relevant information, such as meeting location, project site URL, and conference number.
  14. Be sure the invitation subject line is specific (for those involved in multiple projects).
  15. It is your job to keep the meeting focused and starting and ending on-time.
  16. It is your job to know why and how scrum works. Look for teachable moments in the daily scrum.

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