Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Goals for Agile Teams

When working with companies who are trying to adopt, or correct, an agile approach to their projects or product development, usually using Scrum, the situation, needs and specific problems vary. But the core needs, and root cause of problems, doesn't typically vary that much.

With that in mind, I have a few goals that help me stay focused on the "main and the plain" of agile, and begin with the end in mind (to borrow from Steven Covey).

My Goals for New Agile Teams :
  1. That they know, understand and practice the Scrum framework
  2. That they are aware of where they aren't, the possible consequences, and the limitations (domain) of Scrum
  3. That they know, understand, and are living the agile principles, Scrum values and self-organization
  4. That they are aware of other agile methods and the pros and cons
  5. That they are connected to community and learning sources
  6. That they gel and are moving forward as a team
  7. To understand why management wants Scrum/agile here
  8. To know their definition of success
  9. To understand what they see as their opportunities and challenges
And my personal goals when coaching agile teams:
  1. That I set and meet expectations each week
  2. That goals are stated and progress visible
  3. That goals clearly align with my customer's goals
  4. That I understand what it means to meet and exceed expectations
  5. That I understand what will help them move forward, and have contributed to that
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