Thursday, September 05, 2013

Most Popular Event Ever? Free September Lunch on the Scaled Agile Framework

There's a September lunchtime event in Los Angeles (El Segundo) put on by Rally that will give a good enough overview to understand the basics of scaling agile including Vision, Strategy, Roadmaps and using the Scaled Agile Framework, and how it incorporates agile portfolio and program management.

I've been mentioning in my ScrumMaster and Product Owner classes that I really believe SAFe is the next wave, especially for large, Late Majority (risk averse) Scrum and agile adopters. My opinion was validated when a recent enterprise tool vendor said that their recent webinar on SAFe was the most popular EVER!

I recommended taking a look if you either:

  1. Aren't familiar with the SAFe, 
  2. Have more than 50 people involved in one project or program, or 
  3. Don't have your program or portfolio management tooling directly connected to your agile team's data or 
  4. Aren't currently using rolling wave planning via strategic portfolio allocation.

I covered part of this at the Orange County PMI event in July on Agile Portfolio Management and the Scaled Agile Framework.

If you are interested in becoming certified as a SAFe Agilist, or using the 15 credits from the class towards becoming a Certified Scrum Professional, take a look at my Leading SAFe class in November.

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