Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Agile Adoption

Several good posts related to agile adoption -

First, from the Orange County APLN meeting in February:
"One recommendation was to use coaches and train all team members, as noted in a post on Yahoo's Scrum adoption. See Lessons from Yahoo Scrum Adoption for more.

Also, some talked about on large, complex projects, that getting good, thin slices of end-to-end feature/functionality is crtical, and difficult. See Elephant Carpaccio and Walking Skeleton.
Others also described, and warned those looking to adopt Scrum, of the problems with ScrumBut.

Also, for environments of continuous changes, such as product support or operations, Kanban might be a good approach.

A question, and spirited debate, occurred around what is pair programming, what is the value and how do you sell it to management?

We also discussed the improvement (60–90% drop in defect density for some teams) from using Test Driven Development (TDD) documented in a Microsoft paper."

The discussion at the APLN meeting got me thinking, along the lines of XP dev practices such as TDD and pair programming, oftwo articles I keep telling others to read are the Decline and Fall of Agile and another on Flaccid Scrum.

For at-a-glance view, check out two versions of why agile adoptions fail, with 12 Agile Adoption Failure Modes and 11 Ways Agile Adoptions Fail.

Other articles or posts you would recommend?

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