Tuesday, June 10, 2008

After Scrum, the Agile Enterprise

The other day, Joseph Little (blog here) posted to the Scrum Development board on Yahoo! asking for input on what to include in an advanced course that he and Jeff Sutherland were leading (Agile 201). One item I raised was "What do you do when your agile project efforts are going well? What's the next step to capitalize on successful to move agile into the enterprise?"

Well, I came across a great post on exactly that - Agile Leaders - The Next Hurdle from Steve Garnett. Simply put, the next step is Lean Thinking & Financial Understanding

"It's alright being bloody great at Agile, and knowing how to deliver software and create self-organizing teams, but always remember that the engine for change, the real way to effect change, is control of the P&L."

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Steve Garnett said...

Hi Scott,
I'm interested to hear that Joseph & Jeff are looking at an advanced scrum course. My thoughts are that beyond scrum of scrums, the most logical step is lean software development.
For me an advanced scrum course would be "Enterprise Scrum" and would focus on subjects such as change management, light governance models, pattern theory, lean thinking, and open book management.
There's a blog here already!