Monday, November 21, 2005

Imagination and Tradition

This quote was recently shared by a pastor.

Imagination continually frustrates tradition, that is it's function. - John Pfeiffer

Perhaps based on this, I can expect resistence from traditionalists, operations-centric people, structure and consistency-oriented people. Perhaps I should even see the joy in that imagination is at work when people are frustrated with newness or "that's not how its been done."

I just don't know how much effort and time to spend trying to open people's minds, or help them shift their paradigms...


John Wilker said...

There's a funny dilbert about paradygm shifts. I'd describe it, but it loses something in that.

you know what happens when you shift a stick shift without a clutch. Paradygms are the same way. Try to shift them without a clutch and nothing good comes of it.

You can't force them to shift either, and some never will. If you are marginally successful, what then?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? What if your doing 60 and down shift to first gear?