Friday, May 13, 2005

Moving IT from Victim to Visionary Advisor and Vehicle for Progress

Two consistent patterns I've seen in IT shops are:
1) Being order takers, rarely bringing innovative solutions to the business and often unaware of what their problems are unless told
2) Feeling like victims, unable to do what we feel is best due to lack of resources (time, people, or money).

How do we move from victim to visionary adviser and a vehicle for progress towards supporting and empowering the business' strategy?

For my current situation, I'm going to do a cost-benefit analysis to show how a content-management solution should save the time of at least five people, as well as get us off the hook for guaranteeing quality on a business process we can't control. From there, I'm requesting my team members to give me a list of the the trouble-spots as they see them and go from there.

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